My relationship with New Coaching Solutions began in February 2007. I had recently acquired a new team at Levolor — America’s most recognized brand of window coverings — and needed assistance bringing together a disparate group of individuals.

My primary objective is best summed up from an excerpt from the original brief:

The [team’s] previously rewarded behavior of cautious, incremental thinking (focused on cost-cutting and productivity) must be buoyed by more innovative thinking — where pre-existing mindsets collapse and fields of unrestrained potential are prompted. As the new leader of this group, I need help instilling this type of thinking in the team.

I selected New Coaching Solutions because:

  1. They came highly recommended from a trusted colleague
  2. Tremendous credibility due to their strong ties and relationship with the Center for Creative Leadership® in North Carolina
  3. The price was reasonable and they shared my sense of urgency
  4. The New Coaching Solution staff approached the project holistically and as more than “a day of training.”

Joyce White and the New Coaching Solutions team leapt in and customized a program to meet our needs — simultaneously impressing me with their level of professionalism and dedication to my project. They took the time to understand the individuals on the team, Levolor’s corporate culture, and the challenges associated with implementing a new way of thinking for the team.

The 3-day experiential training program was by all measures a resounding success. A year and a half later, my team still refers back to specific exercises and the learning we gained at the session. The value is seen by the demonstrable changes in my employees' behavior — much of which has resulted in the team uncovering new business opportunities that have led to top-line growth.

I can honestly and sincerely recommend New Coaching Solutions to any business person struggling through organizational change. In fact, I was so impressed by Joyce White and the team that I hired them again — this time as my Personal Career Coach!