Coaching? Why me? I knew I was doing a great job managing my imperfect employees and cooperating with my peers. I did not need “coaching”! Fortunately others within our organization saw a need. And reluctantly I agreed to meet with Joyce White—but there were some conditions:

  • Only my manager and one other Human Resource person were to know.
  • All meetings were to be off-site.

Joyce and I started and after two or three meetings, I found that she didn’t criticize, but used positive, very positive comments and suggestions. As we continued to work together, I recognized that using her techniques at work and at home helped.

Helped! Let me explain. I still have those imperfect employees and children. But how I approach them has been modified. Today I work with the best group of positive, creative, caring, helpful engineers and technicians within our corporation. Before there was conflict; now there is very good cooperation. Before there were no personal goals; now the plan comes together on time and within budget. Before there were lots of negatives—now lots of positives. Feedback on the modified me has been very good—not only from my manager, but the best came the other day from one of my formerly “imperfect” employees: “You really have changed—and I believe that you are the best boss that I have ever worked for.”

The credit for this “new” me does go to Joyce. Of course, I helped. And after six months I continue to use the tools that she suggested, because success breeds success.

Thanks, Joyce.