Joyce White is a world class executive coach. At the Center for Creative Leadership, where she is an adjunct, she is known for her extensive knowledge of coaching tools and techniques, meticulous preparation, and high ethical standards.

Gene Klann, Ph.D.
Senior Faculty Member
LDP Manager — Greensboro
Center for Creative Leadership

Joyce White is an insightful coach, a gifted facilitator and a discerning business woman. She has a natural talent that she has honed with extensive training and years of experience working with leaders at all levels.

I first worked with Joyce as I was beginning my career as a business owner and manager over 20 years ago. The work we did together has been foundational to my success. She created an environment that fostered my self-awareness and helped me move out of my comfort zone to achieve goals that I was unable to envision on my own.

If you want to move forward in your life and career, if you want to create a more satisfying situation for yourself, if you want to excel in reaching goals — commit to working with Joyce.