To Whom It May Concern, 

It is a pleasure to declare that Ms. Joyce White has been instrumental in the sales and marketing success of TRP Enterprises, Inc. She has been a trainer, coach, and mentor in various aspects of our efforts. She helped devise a strategy, then trained us in sales techniques, using powerful role plays and real life situations. She helped write and edit educational and promotional materials and design ways to use them. She has continued to act as a mentor and coach. When we have questions about sales and marketing, we call  or meet with her, and receive great advice and coaching. She has a natural savvy for sales, and wonderful ways of teaching this to others.

The combination of Ms. White's coaching effectiveness, and our persistence in applying the lessons, has resulted in significant sales. Over 110,000 people have attended the workshops created by our company.

Ms. White is easy to work with: enthusiastic, respectful, and very cooperative. It is clear that, as customers, we come first.

I highly recommend Ms. White as a coach, marketer, strategist, sales trainer, and management consultant.

Sincerely yours, 
Sanford Danziger, MD
Co-President and Founding Partner
TRP Enterprises, Inc.